Engaging in community service is an excellent opportunity for everyone to give back to the community and help the lives of those who are disadvantaged socially and economically. The good thing about community service is that anyone in any profession can take the opportunity to make an impact. Lawyers, in particular, have a chance to engage in community service and benefit from the multiple perks of participation.


As a lawyer, one of the key benefits of engaging in community service is that you get to sharpen your skills in social engagements. Pro bono representation of communities can help you learn vital aspects of the law that you would have never learned were it not for the community service platform. Representing community members also increases your networks, thereby helping you get even more non-pro bono clients in the future.


In addition to getting to grow your legal practice portfolio, community service engagements are a great platform to help you sharpen your extra-professional skills. As a lawyer, it is not a must to engage in community service by applying for legal practitioner skills. You may, for example, go your way out to dedicate your time and talents to coach the young and ambitious youth of the community. Such engagements allow you to enhance your social and communication skills, which you need in your professional career.


As a legal practitioner, participating in community service also allows you to meet other professional lawyers out there. This is always a great opportunity to network with other ambitious lawyers and attorneys. The networking will always prove helpful in your legal career as you may get a chance to land in a good mentorship relationship. The interactions with other legal professionals can also help you grow your interpersonal skills.


Lastly, engaging in community service is also a great way to touch the lives of those who have no chance to afford professional legal assistance. This should thus be an opportunity that you should value, especially if you wish to use your skills to help other persons in need. Besides, very few professional lawyers and attorneys find the time and need to give back to society. You should, therefore, utilize the chance to help make an impact and change the narrative.