There are plenty of opportunities to improve your professional skills and expand your knowledge. However, there are potential clients out there that might not have the resources to properly fund an adequate lawyer. That’s why it’s important that you take the time to build and strengthen your pro bono networks. Listed below are some tips for adequately building your pro bono network in order to help others who do not have the financial means to afford legal counsel, as well as build your professional network of similar individuals pursuing this type of work.

Decide What Type of Projects You Wish to Tackle

Before you start looking for a pro bono partner, make a list of the various projects that you would like to complete in order to find the ideal partner for your organization. This will help you identify the type of work that you would like to complete and ensure that you are giving the best possible service. You can also pitch a project in the event that you find yourself meeting with another pro bono attorney.

Expand Your Existing Relationships

If you are an organization that has already established strong relationships with corporate legal departments or law firms that have previously provided pro bono assistance, then it is important that you regularly connect with these individuals. These individuals have demonstrated a commitment to the organization and its mission. Nurturing these existing relationships can help you come together under a common goal in an effort to retain pro bono talent.

Visit Networking Events

After you have identified the various projects that you would like to complete in order to find the ideal partner for your organization, start talking to people about the great work that your organization is doing. You can also participate in networking events held by your local bar association, ACC, or alumni associations. Being active in these communities is the key to forming longer-lasting relationships with the correct individuals.

Reach out to Board Members

One of the best ways to expand your pro bono network is by regularly reaching out to board members who might be able to provide you with extra advice. It is additionally important to remember that your board members likely have a global network and are committed to helping the organization grow. They might have existing relationships with pro bono lawyers that you can get in contact with for any recruiting efforts you have on your agenda.